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How we use your data

Funeral Service Arrangement

We only collect data required to fulfil the funeral service requested by you and your data is used only for the purpose of arranging a funeral for a person who has died.  This will mean we will need to share your data with a crematorium, burial team or other service to arrange the service being booked.  Only third parties providing a service appropriate to the funeral will have access to your data.  This data will be retained for the purposes of HMRC for the maximum time allowed.

When we need to keep your data

Where we have arranged a cremation service, your data will be retained until you have made a decision regarding the collection or disposal of the cremated remains (ashes).  This may mean we hold your data for quite some time.

Historically we have retained data following our service to you, since we are often asked to “mirror” funerals e.g. do for mum what we did for dad. If you should not wish us to hold this data please advise us in writing.  Where we hold historical files, these are stored in a locked safe off site.

Your right to be forgotten

Under the terms of the GDPR legislation you have the right to be forgotten.  If you would like your data deleted from our records you must put your request in writing to us, we will then forward to you any data that we hold on you for you to destroy, with the exception of data required for HMRC purposes. e.g the final invoice which will contain your name and address.

Funeral Prepayment Plans

Your data will be shared with our prepayment plan partners where you are buying a funeral prepayment plan.  This data will be retained until the plan is used following your death and then retained for the purposes of HMRC for the maximum time allowed.  A copy of any final wishes requests will be stored with a copy of your pre-payment plan.


We will no longer be able to advise names or contact details of any person who has contributed to donations in memory of your loved one.  However, unless you advise otherwise, we will share your name and address details with the charity we are sending your donations to, so that they may acknowledge their safe receipt and express appreciation for your generosity in selecting them.

Where we have been asked to arrange for online donations data is process on our behalf by Much Loved online funeral and tributes.  The data provided to them relates only to the person who has died unless you wish us to provide your personal email address to enable you to access the donations account yourself.

Web Site

When you visit our website we do not store cookies or track your data.  You may wish to use our online form to make contact with us.  This data will not be passed to a third party at any time without your express permission. 


We will never send unsolicited mail to you.

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