Pre payment options

Planning ahead

More people are choosing to think ahead when it comes to arranging their own or a loved one’s funeral.  After all, what could be more sensible than planning for the inevitable.

As your local, independent Funeral Director, we offer the best range of funeral plan options at prices that reflect funeral costs in this area. We take great pride in providing a caring, professional and dignified service to our local community.  We understand how important it is to offer advice and guidance based on our local experience.

The average cost of a funeral has increased by 58% in just six years and costs are predicted to continue to rise.  By purchasing our Funeral Plan at today’s prices, our costs are guaranteed and there will be nothing further for your family to pay for our services when the time comes. You will also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the funeral will be carried out with care and dignity by your local, independent Funeral Director.

what are the benefits of pre-planning?

Pre-payment Versus Insurance Plan Policies

With Insurance you will pay a fixed monthly amount for the rest of your life (or until age 90). A fixed sum will be paid on your death, but the amount may not cover the total cost of the funeral. The fixed sum does not rise with inflation.

There is normally no cash-in value if you cancel your policy or if you miss two or more premiums – you will lose all the money you have paid.

When you make arrangements to pre-pay for your funeral:

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